A sample. A laser. A diagnosis.


Ionica Sciences™ is utilizing a new technology platform to meet urgent needs in clinical diagnostics.   Our IonLyme™ Test addresses Lyme disease, the fastest growing vector borne disease in the United States, and a growing problem globally. 


We apply the sensitivity of aptamers and surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy for a novel technique in disease diagnostics.

Some diseases are difficult to detect or monitor with existing diagnostic technologies.  For example, Lyme disease “hides” from the immune system during its early, easily curable stage.  Current diagnostics test for immune response, however, which is why over half of early Lyme disease is missed.  Lyme is easily cured during its early stage but is difficult and expensive to treat in later stages, leading to severe health consequences.  Further, a patient who has been exposed to Lyme disease circulates antibodies for up to a decade, making diagnostics useless to detect a new infection, or to determine if the patient is cured of active Lyme. 


Ionica’s platform can easily handle this challenge.  Using an aptamer specific to the OspA protein shed in minute quantities by Borrelia Burgdorferi bound to a substrate and the SERS spectroscopy reader, IonLyme directly detects Lyme disease, rather than looking for an immune response.  OspA is in the blood only during an active infection.  So IonLyme not only detects early Lyme disease much better than current solutions, it also allows testing for reinfection, and can help to determine if a person is cured of active Lyme.   

IonLyme is not available for sale, and these statements have not been evaluated by FDA.

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