Sexually transmitted diseases are quickly returning as a major health threat, especially among adolescents, young adults, and the MSM community. There have been significant increases in rates of chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea, the latter two diseases demonstrating double digit increases for two years in a row. The rapid increase in gonorrhea is particularly concerning since treatment options are dwindling with the increase in drug resistant strains of the disease. These increases, coupled with a decrease in accessibility to health care for the communities that are most at risk, make effective screening imperative. The CDC recommends screening annually, if not more frequently, for women younger than 25, and members of the MSM community. Rapid screening of sufferers who demonstrate no outward symptoms is particularly important so that they can be identified and treated before spreading these diseases unknowingly. To serve this dire need, Ionica Sciences will develop a panel of tests that will allow rapid identification of these diseases and facilitate slowing their spread.

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